Anjali Spirit - Simple elements (that) radiate a positive, inspirational message of healing and spiritual growth
About Us  

Donna Pollin is a Hatha trained yoga Instructor certified by Yoga Alliance. Donna is also a Reiki practitioner certified at the master level. She is a graduate of Rutgers University with a B.S. in Chemistry and Nutrition. Donna firmly believes that an understanding of science enhances the belief that life is truly a miracle! Over the last 15 years she has attended many workshops and trainings on spiritual practice and meditation.  Her path includes seminars with Jon Kabet-Zin, Carolyn Myss, Don Miguel Ruiz, Brian Weiss to name a few.  Donna has been practicing Reiki for the last 10 years and incorporates this in her yoga practice.  Donna teaches her classes with a spirit of light heartedness in a fun relaxed atmosphere.  The goal of all her classes is to share the sense of peace and calm she has gained through her practice of yoga, Reiki and meditation.

Terrilee Griesi has been practicing Alternative healing methods for the last 15 years. A Reiki Master and certified Hatha yoga instructor, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with her clients.  Terrilee incorporates the use of essential oils, raindrop therapy, crystals and massage techniques in her healing sessions.  She has used her Reiki extensively with adults, children and pets with great results.  Children and animals, being pure of heart with no preconceived spiritual ideals, respond well to her energy healing techniques.  Terrilee helps her clients balance and reconnect mind, body and spirit bringing them to a place of wellness, harmony and bliss.
Terry Pollin is a certified yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance.  An executive in the fast paced business world, Terry knew he needed to discover a method to reconnect to spirit and center himself.  He found the practice of yoga and meditation allowed him to achieve a state of relaxation and peace.  Terry's spiritual beliefs are deeply rooted in Native American tradition. As a participant of shamanic drummings, workshops and sweat lodges, he has developed a deep connection to nature based ceremonies and techniques.  Terry believes in the magic of yoga and meditation as a pathway to physical and mental health.

Lori Tartaglia is instrumental in the purchasing of all jewelry and gift items for the Anjali Spirit boutiques. She was the owner and buyer for the successful Boutique at Salon M. She has a firm commitment to delivering quality jewelry with meaning and heart to her customers. Lori has a B.A. in Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is a certified elementary teacher.  She has been involved with coaching children for the last 20 years. Lori has been working toward a life of fulfillment and purpose, Anjali Spirit has been instrumental in her journey. 

We are available for corporate and private fundraisers as well as private parties and events. Please ask us for the details!


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